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Access your Facebook account from your phone, send messages, make posts and interact with friends

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Facebook Light is the official Facebook app designed for older devices and slow connections.

Love browsing Facebook but hate having to deal with all the lag and annoying notifications in the background? Facebook Light’s got you covered!

With Facebook Light you’ll be able to read through all your favorite feeds and stay up to date, all without the usual lagging during loading and annoying extras that can ruin your Facebook experience on older devices or slow network connections.

This app offers just about everything you expect from a Facebook app for Android, but it’s been pared down to give you the essential Facebook experience. You’ll be able to scroll through large picture and text posts easily, click on links, comment, like, and even post just like you would on the regular app.

The app takes up less than a megabyte of space on your device and runs on minimal resources, helping you do more with less. Since there is no audio or video support included in the app, you’ll be able to skirt a lot of the annoying games and ads that run on Facebook, too!

But what if you actually like to play those annoying games, watch informational videos and animated GIFs? If so, this version of the app is definitely not for you. Another common gripe about this app is that while you can post text easily, video upload isn’t supported and many users have complained that the app can hang when they upload a photo.

But if you’re on a slow connection or using an older device, you probably aren’t able to enjoy a media-rich experience on Facebook anyway. If you just want a way to stay on top of your feed, comment and post the occasional photo this app is definitely worth a shot! If you have a newer device and don’t need a pared-down user experience, go ahead and snag the original Facebook app instead.


  • Everything You Love About Facebook This app offers everything you already know and love about Facebook, but geared towards older devices or users on slower connections.
  • Lag-Free, Nag-Free Experience Everything is hyper-cached in the background so you’ll be able to enjoy seamless unlimited scrolling through your feed without annoying progress bars or breaks in your feed. It doesn’t hurt that a lot of the annoying ads have been taking out, either!
  • Just Under 1MB You only need a megabyte of space free on your device to install and run Facebook Light, whereas the original Facebook app can take hundreds of megabytes depending on your install options.


  • No Built-In Video and Audio Support If you like to play games and watch videos on Facebook, this version of Facebook definitely isn’t for you.
  • Sometimes Hangs When Uploading Photos This app is known to hang when uploading pictures, so stick to reading and posting text whenever possible to avoid restarting the app.

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